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100% Broadcast – The Only Way to do a Floor
What a beautiful close up of a customers GREY MARBLE granite chip garage floor  in Keller, Texas.
Amazing Color Combination!
This rolling workbench was created with our London Grey with White 3mm edge banding. Topped with a stainless steel counter.
Amazing Workbench!
Powder Coated Red Upper Cabinets with Pewter Base.
Artisan Installers
Our Garaginization Team is all professional trained to ensure the very best installation.
Beautiful New Patio!!!
One of our new colors too! The patio is finished in TETON with an incredible gold fleck. Wonderful clients in Richardson, Texas.
Bicycle Ceiling Storage Rack
One of our clients in Frisco, TX was looking for a powered storage rack to keep their bicycles organized.
Bicycles? We have options for that!
In McKinney, TX our client had several bicycles – both long and short term storage needs.
Cabinet Storage with Your Vehicles in Mind
Our customer in Frisco, TX was focused on two vehicles parking in the garage but maximizing the storage space as well.
Classic Series Garage Cabinetry
This is a great example of our CLASSIC SERIES Garage Cabinetry.
Commercial Grade Garage Floor Coating
Our client in Celina, Texas was looking for an extra durable solution for their car repair shop.
Corner Design with Flexibility
This Monkey Bar INVERTED shelf was installed above an ADJUSTABLE SHELVING UNIT in Plano, TX.
Custom Cabinets to Fit Your Garage
Our client in Dallas, TX wanted to maximize every inch of space in their garage.
Custom Fit
Both Ceiling and Wall Mounted – our customer in Rockwall, TX was looking for a storage solution to fit in a specific space in their garage.
Custom Garage Cabinet Installation
We know you will have items installed on your walls.
Custom Garage Cabinets
For our customer in Frisco, TX, they wanted to maximize the storage but also ensure the light from the windows were not obstructed.
Custom is not a problem.
This client wanted a custom color granite flake as well as a 4” wrap on their baseboard for extra water protection in Fort Worth, TX.
Custom Tailored to Your Needs
This client in Dallas, TX is a great example of how we can maximize the usage of your garage cabinets.
Double Drawers
For this garage cabinet workbench, we placed two drawers into a 48” wide cabinet.
Epoxy Countertop for your Workbench
We can do that! Super durable and able to color coordinate to what you like!
Expert Space Management!
Our client was looking for a workshop within his garage. The ability to store items away in an enclosed closet but have a functional workspace as well. Every square inch has a purpose in this design!
Feel Like Going to the Beach?
Our BEACH granite chip color has light colored beige and white flakes that are reminiscent of going to the beach.
Finishing Touches Makes All the Difference
For our client in Frisco, TX we wired in a new LED Bench Light with switch and plug.
Floating Command Center!
All of our Cabinets are Installed Four to Six Inches off of the Ground for Ease of Cleaning, Storage, and Pest Control needs.
Floor to Ceiling Storage
Our customer in Colleyville, TX was focused on maximizing storage on one wall of their garage.
Focused on the Perfect Fit!
A solution maximizing the space around windows. Everything perfectly paced and still room for a little sunshine!
Great Combination
You will find we always suggest a combination of storage solutions in your garage.
Great Floors for Great Cars!
We just had to share this great picture of our BLACK GRANITE floor in Frisco, TX.
Harley Fan?
We have a chip blend for you! Garaginization has created two specific blends for Harley fans.
How about a little color?
Our client in Dallas, TX loved our RED POWDER COATED cabinets and asked that the doors be installed with sliders instead of hinged.
How Much is To Much?
Garaginization installs our slatwall system into the studs of your walls every six inches.
Inverted Shelving for Zero Obstruction
Garaginization can provide Monkey Bar INVERTED Shelving that supports 1,000 pounds every four feet and allows you to store items in areas you may not typically consider.
Island Workbench
This awesome client in Rockwall, TX asked us to create an island that was on casters to easily move within the garage space.
Lifetime Warranty
We are proud to offer lifetime warranty on our floors.
Look at all That Storage!
A Perfect Workbench Solution with Multiple Depth Drawers for Individualized Tool Storage.
Made to Order
Our client in Frisco, TX was looking for a customized solution or his bicycles.
Monkey Bar Bicycle Storage
Our client in Allen, TX had a small garage and needed a solution for their bicycles as well as  additional long term storage.
Monkey Bar Maximized!
Our Client was Looking for Open Access to Some Storage but a Workbench with Drawers. This Solution has it All! Inverted Monkey Bar Shelving for Longer Term Storage, Slatwall for Quick Access Storage and a Workbench!
Neutral Tone – Incredible Look
Our DESERT SAND color is a fantastic neutral beige tone.
Not just for Garage Floors
One of our customers in Fort Worth, TX decided to include their patio at the same time we installed their garage.
Now this is a GARAGE!
Even if you want a floor with GREY EPOXY and no granite flakes at all.
Organized and Clean
Take a look at how many Golf Bags and Baseball Bags are on this Monkey Bar STANDARD 24” Shelving Unit.
Platinum Finish – Platinum Color
One of our most popular colors. PLATINUM has multiple shades of grey with white flakes.
Powder Coated Garage Cabinets
For our client in Dallas, TX, they installed a great storage solution with a workbench included.
Quite a Package!
Garaginization can transform your garage into an organized storage center and look good too!
Ready. Set. Go!
This GREY slat wall installed in Prosper, TX is ready for action!
Rolling Workbench
Great close up of our DOLPHIN floor that is durable enough to put our rolling workbenches on.
Slatwall Storage Convenience
An incredible design in Trophy Club, TX of slat wall between cabinets allowing for ease of access for items but the ability to store other items in the cabinets as well.
Storage for the Whole Family!
With the Monkey Bar STANDARD Shelving, there is  flexibility to store almost any item.
Super Platform
Garaginization can combine ceiling racks to create what is know as a SUPER PLATFORM.
We can do that too! If you feel you may want something a little different than epoxy floors, Swisstrax is a great option.
Tiered Garage Shelving
In Plano, TX we have utilized our INVERTED Monkey Bar Shelving to provide our client with the ultimate in wall shelving.
Tool Central
Get ready to have plenty of time on your hands.
We Have a Hook for That.
Our customer in Dallas, TX used nearly every available hook available.
Well Utilized Single Car Garage
For our client in Allen, TX, their focus was to keep the storage on one side of their garage.
What a Finish
Another incredible floor in GREY MARBLE with a finish that will not let you down.
What’s your Favorite Color?
Are you a Cowboy’s Fan? How about this DALLAS floor for you?
Where you want it, When you Want it.
Our 3 inch slat wall system is a versatile and universal system.
Why not White?
WHITE Garage Cabinets with WHITE Slat Wall and BLACK Accents – Counter and Handles are a great look.
Workbench with a View
A custom fit on Southlake, TX with our LONDON GREY cabinets and EBONY STAR countertops.
Workbench with Sink
Fantastic workbench space with PEWTER cabinets, EBONY STAR countertop and Stainless Steel Sink in Trophy Club, TX.